Our Staff

Head Teacher                       Mrs Campbell

Principal Teacher                  Mrs Imlay

(Both Mrs Campbell and Mrs Imlay are the school's designated Child Protection Officers)


P1/2                                       Mrs McGregor            

P2/3                                       Mr Amatt

P3/4                                       Mr Crook           

P5                                          Miss Aitken

P6                                          Mrs Pitcaithly

P7                                          Mrs Imlay (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and

                                              Mrs Goddard (Thursday and Friday)

Pupil Support Teacher          Mrs Martin (Wednesday and Thursday)

Reduction in class contact time teacher - Mrs Liu (Monday)

P.E teacher - Mrs Harrow (Friday)


Nursery Staff

Early Childhood Practitioner       Mrs Dawson

                                                    Mrs Coulter (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)

                                                    Mrs Clarke (Thursday and Friday)

Play Assistant                             Mrs Fawcitt

Early Years Support Teacher     Ms Reid

Support Staff                                       

Pupil Support Assistants     Mrs Mara & Mrs Wann                             

School Assistants                Mrs Norrie & Mrs Taylor   

Visiting Specialist Teachers

Strings                                  Mr Smyth - Tuesday morning                                             

Tayside Contracts Staff

Kitchen Staff                        Mrs Fairlie, Ms Stewart & Mrs Wallace 

Janitors: on a rota basis      Mr Ross Simms, Mr Jim Denny & Mr Bill Denny 

Cleaners                              Ms Stewart & Mrs Wallace